Python as a quick media server

[tl;dr] Python as quick media server

Access files on your computer from your phone without any software or use your computer to stream songs and videos to your phone using this quick tip.

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How to disable java and not get hacked

A critical flaw in java has been uncovered. Just by visiting a website, attacker can gain access to your computer. Here’s how to disable java and stay safe

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Must Have Android Apps [Tablet Friendly]

You may have installed a thousand apps. But your phone is incomplete without these bunch of awesome apps. Quite possibly, these are all you’ll need. And did i mention all the app mentioned here are Tablet friendly.

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Google Customer Surveys – New way to Earn

Google announced a new way to for publishers to make money off. If you’ve been using Google AdSence, and i’m sure it must be working great, give Google Consumer Survey a try!

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Most sensible Broadband – Airtel Increases Bandwidth

The Airtel 500U plan seems to be upgraded. The 5 GB cap has been extended to 25 GB! Now, that’s what i call a sensible broadband plan.

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[How-to] Time Lapse Photography on your Phone

Ever seen the beautiful videos on discovery channel showing the flowers blooming or the seasons changing. It’s fascinating to speed up time to make the changes noticeable. If you though you needed some expensive equipment to do that, toss that thought into the bin. Read through the tutorial as i tell you how to create time-lapse videos using your phone.

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VLSI Lab Programs

Lab programs for VLSI Lab (VII sem Electronics and communication) verilog codes, testbench codes and layouts. Subject Code : 06ECL77

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[Review] ASUS 1015 PEM netbook

The Asus Eeepc 1015 PEM is an awesome choice for a netbook and is a perfect productivity gadget. Read along for a full review.

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[Workshop] Graphic Design 101

An Introduction to graphic design and a basic tutorial on Adobe fireworks. Few simple tricks to add reflections, glow, shadows and more.

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HDL Lab Programs - banner

HDL Lab Programs

Lab programs for HDL Lab(IV sem Electronics and communication) Subject Code : 06ECL48
Both VHDL and Verilog.

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